Self Assessment of Learning Process

I never truly felt finished with this project, as Cameraless Photography is such a broad area and can be linked to other practices such as Sculpture and Painting. It has overall though been an eye opening project of what can be considered as Photography and how through the likes of emerging practices such as 3D printing, vac forming, laser cutting can all link to Photography in creative ways to create different perspectives of how Photography can be seen through breaking rules and going against what is considered to be the norms. Studying cameraless photography over the past six weeks has certainly enhanced my studies artistically with thinking outside of the box.

I believe Photography is a ‘vision’, you have to have a vision in order to create and I believe it has to show ‘reality in a past state’as Barthes stated in his book Camera Lucida. Photography has to represent something, the decisive moment and is always a visual medium. In regards to Photography being classed as Art, after reading the book Shadow Catchers it is definitely true that Photographic techniques can be used to make Art and there are also Photographs that make you wonder how they were created but it always preserves a moment in time that has now ended, the aim of the image is clearly framed and distinguishable and most of the time a Photograph is a finished result.. However through this project I have realized that post production is also important in changing the meaning and context of an untouched and original Photograph which could also be considered Cameraless Photography as the whole meaning has been reinvented and changed in to something new.

In regards to my own project for this module, my final prints were originally based around Photographic images taken of Space which were true to facts. I did create the work beside the images of Space with intent to make them as Photo-realistic as possible, and knowing I would be using post production to enhance this later on which I feel worked successfully.

If having more time was a possibility, I would want to create an installation based around light with this work, in an extremely large format (A1) to submerse the viewer in to the details of the work and hopefully this will enhance thought provoking and therefore change perceptions in a sense, a big influence for this project has indeed been James Turrel’s light installations which is very clear through my writing.

I feel as though I would also like to link my project even further in to Photography and spend more time with dark room chemicals to create coloured versions of the landscapes, again in a large format. Although I believe my project does link in to Photography as I see them personally as ‘Photo-paintings’, in which I have Painted landscapes of the Universe with genuine photographic images of the scene in hand, although some of the prints do appear abstract which is something I am unsure benefits or would disengage the viewer on the basis of the project.. By using the Photographic scanner to transfer my images in to the digital world it creates an illusion of a genuine Photographic image, alongside the minor post editing of Photoshop. From conducting research the boundaries of what can be considered as Photography have expanded greatly and continue to do so. I feel my main purpose in this project was to challenge perspectives of my audience, to provoke thought around the idea of the universe and also what can be considered to be Photography, I will be self critical of this until I receive feedback when presenting to my peers to gain their views.


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