Professional Portfolio Presentation.

Presenting your work in a Portfolio is very important as it can improve your work further if done in the right way to compliment your style of work:

Presenting your work through an Online format.

The disadvantages of presenting your work through an online format is that if your work is produced on a certain type of Paper such as Hahnemuhle fine art Photographic dark room paper which gives the work texture or high quality satin photo paper which gives low glare and light reflection off the paper, it is tricky to show this through a computer screen or laptop screen.
The size of your work when displayed on a screen isn’t anywhere as near as impacting or immersive to the viewer compared to physically.
It would benefit your chances of being successful if you are showing a refreshing way of presenting your work to the interviewer compared to what you have already possibly sent through when you have sent your CV in the first instance.

However positives of presenting your work through an online format include the fact that it would portray a clean and smooth flowing presentation at the click of a button.
Presenting online also is a good way to create links to other relative work that could enhance the presentation and give the interviewer a better idea of context within your work.

Presenting in Person with a physical portfolio.

I think when presenting your work in a Photographic/Fine art sense it is much better to have prepared a physical portfolio of work to present, as you are able to show your work in a large format to show as much detail as possible compared to a computer screen, there is also the positive of the choice of paper you have used which adds more depth and texture to the work if relevant. Your work will become much more immersive with a physical print rather than on a computer screen, this will become an advantage when presenting.

Possibly by showing experiments you feel haven’t worked so well will also become an advantage rather than showing all similar work.


Choosing work that you can tell a story through meeting the brief, conquering problem solving and suiting it to the skills you have that the interviewer is looking for.

Conducting research on the agency, gallery or brand in which you are presenting to and ensure that your own portfolio is able to become relevant to them.


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