Cameraless Photography: My Finals

My finals are based around the idea of creating a new perspective on Photography, looking in to what can be classed as Painting and Photography as separate practices or whether they can be classed as a blend of the two. My finals resemble photographs of cosmic galaxies and space and have been scanned digitally to represent this however they are in fact made with ink, solutions and acrylic to create a surreal landscape painting. 15991486_10212010100512843_884381892_o16010537_10212010147594020_281643417_o

After scanning my finals I quickly noticed on inspection that lines had been produced by accident either from the scanner or from myself overlaying my work on top of one another, I new that I could not hand my work in like this so to disguise the markings I used the clone stamp to fix this problem. Below is the edited version of one of my finals using the clone stamp, I think this worked well with fixing this simple issue.16010702_10212010165114458_1968188172_o

Initially I had intended to create landscapes in the darkroom only creating them by progressively dipping the photo paper in to developer, stop bath and fixer using different movements and for specific number of seconds to create different depth, which also gave different results depending on the type of photo paper used. I enjoyed this and very much liked the different ranges of depths that could be created, however I felt I wanted to add colour to this process and decided to use ink on acetate to create these landscapes and then scan them followed by printing.

If I were to improve my results for this project and exploring the theme more thoroughly by linking it to the photographic process I would want to take coloured ink or food colouring in to the darkroom and experiment further to create combined versions, I do wish I had more time to do this as I feel it would be another level of experimentation and development.


In regards to dissemination of my work I would ideally want to present my finals in large format, possibly the size of A1 as I feel this would immerse the viewer similarly as James Turrells’  exhibitions of colour, light, perception and space. I want to bring to light through this project the space beyond our world as it is fascinating and infinite, my intent is to challenge the perceptions of the audience around what is considered a Photograph. The theme is to represent mindfulness and the infinite of our Universe and to provoke thought through my work.



The above look very dark, so I will work on the levels such as input, output/ brightness and contrast to ensure the lightness is increased. As well as improving the lightness I want to make sure they are all consistent in regards to the colour tones, I can do this by altering the hue and saturation on each image to ensure they are coherent.



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