Further experimentation in the Darkroom – session 3


During this session I was becoming more confident in how the developer, stop bath and fixer reacted with eachother on certain types of paper, i tended the stay away from using the glossy photo paper as I preferred the depth and texture of the Satin and Hahnemuhle.
This time i brought in with me coloured netting which i intended to transfer the colour of the netting (in this case pink and purple) on to the photo paper, which in some images can be seen above. I intend to work more closely with adding colour in to the black and white processes of the dark room.

In the images above, Instead of just manipulating the chemicals on to the photo paper I wanted to enhance the idea of them being a landscape in a sense, to give the audience more of a stimulation to what they are – surreal landscapes in a sense. I placed a pot with a circular base over the photo paper in the top corner which ideally represents the sun, moon or plants and began to add the chemicals around this, which i feel gives more context to the overall image.

At this stage in the project i could really see where my idea was going and started to visualise which images fit in to a sequenced set. i think I am still yet to use the darkroom once more to extend experiments, as i feel there is always more to learn and improve on in the darkroom, it never fully feels finished even if i spend a full day in there.


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