Research: The Ethereal // Space

The Ethereal is said to be something that is not of this world but mainly formed by light and air. In an article based around light by nat geo the writer Joel Achanbach said “From our technology to our spiritually, we are creatures of light.” which struck a chord with me and I think the ‘Ethereal’ would be a way to describe it.
Below are artists, not just photographers who relate to me the word Ethereal, whose work interest me further in to creating landscapes with an otherwordly twist..

Robert Hawk

Robert Hawk was born in Indiana and is a self taught painter which he says in an interview with Art Leaders Gallery has been challenging and liberating but the new techniques have opened up a new world of colour and depth in to his works. Hawk says he usually paints on wood and canvas but as of recently loves to paint on metal. When light hits the painting it reflects from the metal and in his own words something ‘magical’ happens.
I am very much inspired by Hawks work and would like to incorporate his painting techniques in to my own in some way, his work reminds me of the soul, freedom, happiness, deep connections, expressionism and magic.


Flavie Audi

Flavie Audi creates encounters with the sublime. Her work translate the mechanism of life and light and resemble fragments of an ethereal landscape or geology. The forms and gestures found in it capture a fleeting, living energy and suggest a certain ambiguity, hovering between digital screen and celestial body. In a dematerialised world where all is virtual and generic, her work seeks to define a new type of aesthetic and physical materiality” source:

Flavie Audi is a French born Lebanese artist who has graduated in 2014 from studying her masters in ceramics and glass. She regularly exhibits her work alongside the Tristan hoare gallery in London as well as at David Gill Gallery, London, and alongside Ai Weiwei’s sculptures at Venus Over Manhattan, New York, in 2014.
By blending glass and metal together, colour is not made by pigments but by chemical reactions and the shapes form by sucking the air out and not by glass blowing like the traditional way. It inspires me how this artist is rebellious with her techniques and is pushing boundaries to create something fresh and new.


James Turrell


James Turrell is an American based artist focusing mainly on time and space, by using light he challenges perception. 1960 was the year James Turrell introduced this experience to the world, which was completely new and innovative as many artists at the time worked within Painting and Sculpture.

In an interview with Interview Magazine he describes his work: “It’s about perception. For me, it’s using light as a material to influence or affect the medium of perception. I feel that I want to use light as this wonderful and magic elixir that we drink as Vitamin D through the skin—and I mean, we are literally light-eaters—to then affect the way that we see. We live within this reality we create, and we’re quite unaware of how we create the reality. So the work is often a general koan into how we go about forming this world in which we live, in particular with seeing.”

I think I can take inspiration from Turrell’s intention to change perception as this is what i would like to show through my own work. Although he uses 2D projection and turns it into a 3d reality, he creates an emotional atmosphere which I imagine becomes heavily thought provoking for his audiences, I want my work similarly to provoke thought and change perception about the universe but consist in 2d photographic form.


The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

“the light of the sun”

Light is electromagnetic and consists because of the electromagnetic spectrum, it is also the main reason for the fact we are able to see.

Perception in Art.

Perception means the different ways in which people see things in their surroundings.
Cognition is the way people understand these certain things.


Research around Space and the infinite relating to perceptions.

Firstly, the environment in which we live was purely seen as a place where human activity takes place. Humans then began to attach themselves to spaces emotionally and I want to research in to how we as humans see space.

Below I have found some thoughts on Space from individuals and decided to document them in my blog to inform my research around Space:

John Bartram:

Field archaeologist, geophysical surveyor, man of the world and family man.


There are a lot of kind of galaxies, different colors, forms and sizes. The universe is mysterious – It´s impossible to think that we are alone in this huge universe. This makes me wonder and consider what is surrounding us out of the earth.

Above is 17 year old  Henry Lin, who is extremely clever and passionate about Science, in his talk above he has great ideas and it is such an inspiring watch.

He says “we finally can take a broad vision which makes innovation, inspiration, and so on when we step back, when we zoom out. We need to look back our present with a broad vision.”. which I want to take inspiration from for the basis of my project on Space in regards to promoting mindfulness and the unknown through my work.

A few words on Mindfulness

“Art can wake us up from the dream we normally live in. Art can shock us into the present moment and true art does this without having to try too hard. It does this by simply existing. Marina Abramovic understood this when she was creating her performance piece. She knew, instinctively, that she wanted to create a space for people to just be, without expectations, without judgments and without having to hurry on to the next thing. So she sat, and the people came and sat with her.  They sat, they breathed and they experienced the wondrous, intense feeling of being presentmany of them, perhaps, for the first time.” written by Laura Constantinescu for






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