Further experimentation in the Dark room- Session 2.

In response to the last critique I spent the day in the darkroom to create bigger pieces of work than 5×7, I kept with the same technique of chemigrams with the light kept on to enable me to watch the processing happening before my eyes and to make decisions on how to steer the image in to the direction i want it to go.
Still focusing on landscapes I used a spray gun technique each filled in separate bottles of developer, stop bath and fixer which I used in turn by spraying a little of each and watching how it developed in front of my eyes. The below images created what reminds me of space and the cosmos, which is something i take great interest in. I then  began to experiment by placing circular objects before spraying the chemicals on to the paper to create the essence of what could be the sun, moon or planet. I also began to scratch in to the photographic paper to give the look of what could be movement in the landscapes however i don’t think this was successful.


The image above was created by using Ilford multigrade IV satin black and white darkroom paper, the feel of this paper is lustrous. To create colour (the pinks and purples) I used a piece of pink netting which leaked colour on to the photo paper once dipped in to developer, wrung out and dabbed over the paper. In the above image I think there is much depth and i love how chemistry has, with my intervention of rearranging the paper, created an ethereal existence, and finding beauty in the seemingly overlooked.


The photo paper used above was the Hahnemuhle fine art paper.  It makes me think of cosmic atmospheres or a galaxy of stars and planets with the tiny dots representing just how small we are in the universe. When held in physical form there is also texture given to the piece from this paper where as the satin photo paper is very smooth. On making notes during my process in the darkroom, this was created by using spray bottles which held developer, stop bath and fixer which lead me to be patient after calculating how much and where to spray next, as the image develops in front of your eyes whilst in the dark room, which is also an exciting part of the process, I feel as though this also resembles a burnt effect.

I feel as though the experiment above didn’t work out very well, as I feel it was left in the developer far too long which created the darkness in the image. This experiment was created on Ilford multigrade IV RC Glossy black and white paper, I feel as though next time in order to create more depth from the result I will not leave it to heavily in the developer for so long.


Different types of photo paper for use in the Darkroom:


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