Digital Painting

Schuchi Miyagishi
Schuchi Miyagishi is an Art Director and Graphic Designer originally from Tokyo. He won The Art directors award in New York in 2008  and has also been accepted at the TDC, alongside producing work for electronics company Panasonic.

Miyagishi describes his work as digital landscapes and abstract improvisation through visual design. I believe this artists work relates to Cameraless Photography, it is based around painting and created with the use of technology where there are many pros to using this technique as an action can be undone if a mistake it made, however on the other hand i think this does take away the authenticity of the end result.

After discovering the work of Schuchi Miyagishi it inspired me to experiment with digital painting. Some examples of his personal work have been pictured below:

Although these are completely improvised and not preconceived which I think leaves the audience to take from them what they will. To me they seem dreamlike and celestial, as though they are other wordly.

My experiments in digital painting.

I decided to focus on memories of places i have visited previously which where I have shared pivotal and happy times in my life from the past 3 years, the places which I fondly look back to. As the memories through the photographs strike a chord with me, i intend to create digital versions of these and to ask myself the question ‘what do i remember from these places without the photograph?’. I intend to manipulate the existing images by transforming them in to digital painting to give more feeling of nostalgia and a personally  idyllic dreamlike state, to convey to my audience how I feel about these times in my life.

I believe the digitally painted versions of the original images do give a sense of memory and nostalgia, which give them meaning to me and hopefully thought provoking in a dream sense for the audience.

Original image:
Digitally manipulated painting of the same photograph:


Original Image:

Digitally manipulated image of the Photograph:


Original image:

Digitally manipulated image of the same photograph:



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