Workshop 2: Introduction to Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a tool used for prototyping used mainly by engineers and designers, it is a great way to be able to bring designs in to the real world.
The laser is controlled by a computer, which once a pattern or design is sent to the laser cutter the laser cuts the design in to the material.

      Advantages –

  • Extremely accurate and doesn’t take long.
  • low risk of contaminating material
  • the machines need less energy when cutting through metal
  • the laser cutter can cut through a range of materials such as metal, rubber, plastic, wood , ceramics.
  • able to replicate exact copies very well.
    Disadvantages –
  • laser cutting has high energy consumption
  • not all type of metals can be cut through
  • laser cutting plastic can be expensiveLaser cutting in Art & Design:LASER-CUT SCULPTURES
    Laser-Cut Wood Relief Sculptures by Gabriel Schama

    Silian art gallery, London. Laser cut sliding doors. Frond design by Miles and Lincoln:

    Laser cutting in relation to Photography.

    Photographs can be laser cut in to various materials such as polypropylene, wood, perspex and different types of plastic. This would take the idea of cameraless Photography in to another dimension and create something completely different but in retrospect is still related to Photography but would also be considered laser cutting.


  • image sourced from:

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