Critique 2:

During the second crit I had made continuing research on cameraless photography, although I am still at this point very far off from deciding on a set idea, I am going to aim to give chemigrams a try. A fellow student recommended i try a technique called ‘toning’ which creates colour from black and white in the dark room whilst processing, so for the following week i plan to get in to the darkroom and experiment with different techniques such as photograms. I am well aware that my first tries may not work, there may also be some happy accidents.

Below is a list of aims I wrote to achieve for the following week of the module:

  • Email about the darkroom – talk to Matt or John.
  • Aim to have collected research on how to use chemicals in the darkroom
  • research different techniques
  • how light hits objects – prisms.
  • look in to ideas of spectrum of light
  • Research in to Chemistry of photography.

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