Critique 1:

Critique 1 consisted of a group discussion on what stood out to us as individuals during the first lecture of the module. My colleagues spoke about their interest in Geomapping which led to interactive mapping which i found interesting as a technology based project! I found the work of Adam Fuss interested me which led me to look in to Wolfgang Tilmans cameraless photography in the darkroom alongside looking in to landscapes, ethereal beauty and to question what a landscape is and layers of representation in my research.

Below are some points I will take away from the crit and be able to discuss more thoroughly about my ideas the following week:

  • Research in to techniques – Imagined landscapes, Utopia?
  • Look in to the book Photography – Stephen Bull for indexicality
  • what is a landscape? Layers of representation – Robert Bolts
  • Ethereal beauty
  • Toning in the darkroom b&w
  • William Klien – Abstract

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