Critique 3:

The third critique came and I had completed experiments in the darkroom in relation to the idea of reimagined landscapes, so far I felt more confident and focused in my journey to creating a strong piece of work as I had compiled some experiments, although at this point I knew I was far away from the end goal. I feel as though the below experiments work to create ethereal landscapes however I don’t feel as though they have much context and don’t mean as i would like them to mean to me, although they may be aesthetically pleasing to some, i like my work to have deeper meaning. To change this i intend to compile more experiments but with more context. The feedback given in the critique was to create bigger versions as these were made using 5×7 ilford black and white satin photographic paper and would perhaps create more impact on the viewer if they could be seen at a larger scale.

Points to take away and research for next week:

  • Breaking down processes
  • signs, signifiers
  • indexicality
  • BJP – Driven to abstraction issue april 2015
  • Scanography



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